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Please keep in mind there are many areas of our tree farm where closures remain in place for other concerns, including safety of forest operations, neighboring landowner safety considerations and where we lack specific access rights for public access and use.  Always follow instructions posted in the field to be assured you are following the desire of the landowner.

We are a company and a family full of outdoor enthusiasts. We are frustrated by yet another fierce wildfire season.

Last year Oregon lost more acres to wildfire than there are acres that make up the state of Rhode Island.  Although half of the fires started on private or BLM land and half started on US Forest Service land, 96% of the acres burned were US Forest Service land.  The stats are shaping up similarly this year.

These fires on US Forest Service land are due to their management policy.

We are living in smoke. School athletic practices are cancelled. Urgent care and ER room visits have almost doubled. Private timberland owners have closed their lands to the public.  Congress will be deciding soon whether to include some forestry provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill to give the US Forest service tools to manage their land better.

If you want to act and urge your Senator to support forest management reforms in the Farm Bill you can click here.

We are trying to urge a solution.

As Seth Barnes, a second generation Oregon Forester said, “We can either store carbon in locally-grown, sustainable wood products, and replant trees, or we can release that carbon straight into the atmosphere when our overstocked federal forests burn. The former is what private forestland owners do: produce green jobs, maintain forest health, and permanently avoid using more carbon-intensive alternative building products. Federal forests do the latter: emit carbon which exacerbates climate change and damages our health.”

In the meantime, we’ll be looking for heavy rain so we can all breathe a little easier.

Help us prevent forest fires

Help us prevent forest fires

For additional fire and recreation information, please visit the following websites:

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