Seneca started as a small sawmill operation founded by Aaron Jones in 1953 producing just 18 million board feet of lumber.  Today, owners Becky, Kathy, and Jody Jones continue the legacy of leadership and innovation in the wood products industry, overseeing a multi-company organization consisting of:

  • Seneca Sawmill Company which currently includes three sawmills in Eugene, Oregon and one sawmill in Noti, Oregon, with combined production levels reaching 650 million board feet annually.
  • Seneca Jones Timber Company which has 170,000 acres managed sustainably. We grow more than we harvest every year and currently have 92% more stock on those acres than we had 25 years ago. We also manage for cool clean water, thriving wildlife and world class recreation.
  • Seneca Sustainable Energy which operates the cleanest running biomass facility in America. We produce enough green energy to power 13,000 homes by utilizing wood byproducts from our sawmill operations as well as grinding up and trucking in the fodder that used to be left out in the woods after a logging operation. The facility produces 19.8 MW of renewable power utilized by the local community, plus steam for the on-site dry kilns.

Seneca’s success depends on three very important components: innovation, sound stewardship of the land, and the highest quality work force in the wood products industry.

Co-Owner Kathy Jones-McCann teaches stewardship to grandchildren

Co-Owner Becky Jones plants a tree with Ava, the youngest member of the family


Latest News

Hope from the Holiday Farm Fire | February 5, 2021
We, at Seneca, love our neighbors who live and work up the McKenzie River corridor and we have a special appreciation for all of the restaurant owners along the McKenzie River corridor.  The restaurants up the McKenzie are more than a place to gather and eat, they are often the main economic engine in their Read More...

Mark Dippel Retires after 27 Years of Just-in-Time Sales Management at Seneca | December 17, 2020
Eugene, OR – Mark Dippel, Stud Sales Manager at Seneca, is retiring after 27 years. Dippel made a shift in his lumber career when he was hired by Seneca in August of 1994, after more than a decade of lumber wholesaling. He was well-established as a stand-out in his field when he joined the Seneca Read More...

Seneca Paid Off PPP Loan with Interest | November 16, 2020
EUGENE, OR – Due to the lumber market recovery, Seneca was able to pay off its PPP loan with interest instead of applying for forgiveness. When Seneca applied for a PPP loan in April,  lumber prices were low, demand was the lowest it had been in decades, and the drastic market disruption created by the Read More...

Stronger Together | October 13, 2020
Reprinted as published in The Merchant Magazine, October 2020 Edition. Labor Day weekend is usually a glorious weekend in the Pacific Northwest, and folks love getting out into the great outdoors for one last summertime hurrah before school starts, the days get shorter, and leaves change colors. I had just experienced a wonderful Labor Day Read More...

Seneca Store Now Open Until July 10th | July 1, 2020
Twice a year we open the Seneca Store and take orders for Seneca Gear.  All of the prices you see are at cost.  There is no mark up.  Once the store closes, we take the orders and submit to our vendor to fulfill.   Fulfillment takes a few weeks, and you will be notified once we Read More...