Mark Dippel

Stud Mill Sales Manager

Stud Mill Sales Manager Mark Dippel

Mark joined the Seneca family in 1994.  He brings to Seneca a strong background in the lumber business spanning four decades.  His knowledge serves Seneca well and his understanding of the diversity of the U.S. domestic lumber market benefits both you, the customer and Seneca, the company.  He is the first to tell you, “the opportunity to work for Seneca is my dream job.  I can put my career experience to good use for a company I consider the best; family owned, with the highest quality products and the essential timberlands.”  Mark, a native Oregonian, graduated from Oregon State University, where he also played football.  Mark and his wife, Judy, have been married since 1970 and have two married children and four grandchildren.

Terri Adair

Dimension Mill Sales Manager

Dimension Mill Sales Manager Terri Adair

Terri began her career at Seneca in the summer of 1988.  She credits Aaron Jones (Company owner) and Rick Re (General Manager) for providing the foundation and tools she needs to assist customers with sales:  “Mr. Jones has always been a leader with a vision that not many could comprehend.  He gave me an opportunity and I have never looked back.”  Terri served recently on the board as President of the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau.  At home, Terri is married with a daughter in college.  She enjoys spending time with friends and family camping, golfing, country music concerts and horse trail riding.  Terri grew up in the Philomath area and came to Oregon when she was 5.

Donna McCullough

Mill Sales

Donna McCullough

Donna comes to Seneca with a wide diverse background and significant experience in the forest products business.  She now has 22 years with Seneca and puts her customer service talent to good use in mill lumber sales and direct distribution sales to a national customer base.  In addition to our general lumber sales, Donna specializes in the marketing of clear products.  Donna has a grown daughter, Amy, and two wonderful granddaughters.  She enjoys the outdoors, music and sports in her spare time.  She also enjoys playing golf, but doesn’t take it seriously enough to master the game.

Aaron Fleming

Mill Sales

Aaron Fleming

Aaron joined the Seneca Sawmill sales staff in March of 2014, bringing 21 years of experience in wood products.  Aaron’s lumber yard experience began right out of high school in Florence, Oregon, where he worked his way up to lumber purchasing.  After eight years at the retail level, Aaron took an opportunity to relocate to the Willamette Valley to work in wholesale lumber purchasing and sales for 13 years before joining the sales team at Seneca.  Aaron’s motivation and work ethic are the result of understanding and appreciating the needs of his customers.  Aaron and his wife, Crystal, have two sons, Cody and Tanner.   He enjoys the outdoors, which includes hunting, fishing, kayaking, golf and watching college football.  Of course, that is when he can find time around his kids’ busy schedule.

Regina Smith

Mill Sales/Sales Support

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Regina came to Seneca in the Fall of 2010, with 24 years of experience in the lumber industry.   Seneca quickly recognized her talent and this year expanded her role to work in sales of all economy and mill run rough products, including some utility and #3 products.  Regina also continues to be a valuable part of the Seneca sales support team.  Regina and her husband enjoy a 28 year marriage and have two children of which they are very proud, a son and a daughter.  Her other hobbies include cooking and gardening.